Project Manager, Process

发布日期: 2020-07-06

工作年限: 10年以上
招聘人数: 1人
工作地点: 北京
公司: 拜耳医药保健有限公司


1. Responsible for new product launch and technical transfer from

technical point of view, devlope and optimize the production process

togheter with global and local teams to ensure technical transfer and

new product launch process successfully.

2. Responsible for giving input and developping the suitable

functions of process equipment to ensure the designed process can be

fulfilled via correct equipment from technical point of view.

3. Responsible for the planning and implementation of capex

investment on technical transfer and new product launch, to ensure the

whole implementation with agreed quality, safety, cost and timeline.

4. Responsible for preparing and maintaining all technical

documentation includes specifications, URS, drawings, technical changes,

qualifications, GMP reviews, etc., ensure all activities comply with GMP

and Safety requirments.

5. Responsible for GMP life cycle management of capex investment on

new product launch and technical transfer, includes GMP technical

changement in Basic system, develop project validation master plan,

issuing project report regularly, taking care qualfication, validation

and SOPs creation and revisement, preparing GMP reviewsand ensure pass


6. Responsible for supportting all kinds of GMP aduits from internal

and external, ensure project execution smoothly and put into operation

as expected.

7. Responsible for maintaining the database of know-how and

experience of technical transfer and new product launch projects, and

standardizing the relevant processes from project execution


? Bachelor degree or above in major of

Engineering/Technology/Pharmaceutical related,

? 10 years' experience in process engineering, new product launch

and technical transfer in pharmaceutical industry is preferred.

? Initiative, mature personality, good at planning/organizing,

analysising, problem soling and communication.

? Strong leadership, with clear logic, open minded "Change agent"

and team player.

? Fluent English in reading, speaking and writing. Good at Office




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