Data Scientist

发布日期: 2020-07-01

工作年限: 无工作经验
招聘人数: 1人
工作地点: 上海-浦东新区
公司: 拜耳(中国)有限公司
? Support of business and innovation projects in the areas of Radiology.
? To generate insights for Bayer Business functions Contribute to the development of complex analytical models to identify trends and pattern, in order
? Determine functional and technical requirement specifications in close alignment with Business Needs
? Perform complex simulation, modelling and machine learning research integrating multi-layered data models from internal and external sources
? Participate in the Design, Development and Implementation of analytical solution architectures
? Assists in interdisciplinary analytical projects including management of heterogeneous resources
? Build up and continuously update relevant business knowledge and (at least in one relevant functional area) to contribute to the development of new innovative analytical solutions
? Contribute to the development of innovative technical solutions and methodologies to analyze external data (structured and unstructured data)

? PhD. in computer vision, machine learning, applied mathematics, computer science, with strong applied side
? 2+ years industry experience or strong academic records leading the delivery of ground breaking machine learning projects.
? Expert level knowledge in at least one of the following area: Bayesian deep learning, Probabilistic Graphical Network, Gaussian processes, MCMC and/or Deep Learning (RNN, GAN...)
? Very good coding knowledge in Python and/or R
? Proficiency with machine learning and deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow/PyTorch.
? Business analyst skills and experience interacting with very diverse customers is required
? Experienced in presentation of results and outlining of solutions to the Business.
? Ability to work in an interdisciplinary and agile environment
? Fluent in English both written and spoken
? You are somebody passionate about using statistical and mathematical tools to make the world a better and more efficient place. You are interested in joining a young and energetic team of data scientists working across discipline from automatized factory predictive analytics to oncology to satellite image analysis. You describe yourself as hands-on, able to code and to analyze data. You are able to present your results and outline potential solutions for deployment to the business
? Your profile: You are somebody that read and practice the techniques from books such as "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning" from Bishop; "The elements of Statistical Learning" from Hastie/Tibshirani/Friedman;


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