Grower Manager-SeedGrowth

发布日期: 2020-07-06

工作年限: 5-7年
招聘人数: 1人
工作地点: 北京
公司: 拜耳作物科学(中国)有限公司 Bayer CropScience China Co., Ltd


  • Develop actionable particular grower segmentation as well as enterprise key accounts and define clear target setting and related financial plan for specific crop
  • Define go-to-market strategy by grower segment and enterprise key accounts with a view of customer needs, crop / crop systems and channels involved
  • Manage and develop assets plan related to the crop which he/she is reponsible to as well as lead new product launch
  • Capture and anticipate changes in the grower landscape, behavior or needs and ensure reflection in related go-to-market plans
  • Support strategic decision making from a grower point of view and ensure reflection of grower and key account related factors in country go-to-market strategy
  • Chose the best integrated (CP, Seeds, Services) offers for our grower- customers based on customer strategies and through implementation of global/regional product and service portfolio strategies
  • Define content, tailoring and implementation of integrated grower/key accounts campaigns aligned with the customer journey and relevant customer insights, develop promotional marterial
  • Define the desired customer experience, ensure awareness and support its realization across all functions
  • Drive definition and execution of marketing programs and tactics to ensure that they meet grower/key account needs and can be measured and evaluated for effectiveness
  • Collaborate with sales managers, key account managers and field marketing on go-to-market implementation - monitor grower/key account interactions, coach the sales force and ensure alignment on different interaction strategies
  • Monitor the timeliness and effectiveness of go-to-market plan execution; track KPIs (market share, awareness, purchase intent, usage) against plan
  • Promote mindset shift internally/externally from using discounts/rebates to using services as a driver of customer loyalty
  • Provide input for local portfolio strategies to ensure availability of services that require scale and are managed on country level


  • Education - BA in Agriculture related majors. Master Degree in
  • Agriculture science or Business management is a choice
  • Skill - quickly assimilate and analyze information; able to structure complex tasks into clear processes and purposeful working methods; running simultaneously across functions and sales regions
  • Good influencing skills across functions, cultures and territories; good knowledge about organizational structures, general rules, values and leadership principles; excellent communication and presentation skills; good workshop facilitation and coaching skills; fluent in English
  • Experience - +5 years Marketing and Sales experience in the crop protection market with a strong feel for the realities of the agriculture industry in general,
  • Personal characteristic - Highly motivated and self-initiated, strong communicator and have positive attitude.
  • A good networker with a passion for the subject and a keen interest to learn and contribute
  • Willing to motivate and lead project team members, inspiring performance of the highest standard.


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