Digital Product Manager

发布日期: 2020-07-06

工作年限: 5-7年
招聘人数: 1人
工作地点: 北京
公司: 拜耳作物科学(中国)有限公司 Bayer CropScience China Co., Ltd


The role is responsible for managing product development efforts via internal/external resource to support building MVP and testing novel business concept at APAC. It would be the right opportunity for you if:

· You are passionate about working in a start-up like approach to building something from nothing, and/or

· You are down to expose yourself to the outside world and collaborate with partners from all walks of life (technology industry, design & innovation, government, startups, etc.), and/or

· You are genuinely interested in re-shaping value creations to our customers through new technologies such as machine learning and block chain


· Support venture lead to defining the overarching venture vision and roadmap for innovative digital products.

· Lead UI/UX development and iteration.

· Lead test of Proof-of-concept, build-up of minimum viable product, and design business model in a lean and agile start-up setup. Create a structured product backlog and steer implementation

· Articulate short-term experimentations scope and required resources with expected outcome and KPIs based on product roadmap

· Manage internal/external Dev team to ensure agile development, on-time and high-quality launch, and continuous improvement

· Collaborates with the rest of the venture team and helps design the solution along with calling out the clear set of requirements & features for the solution.

· Collaborate with security/data governance team to ensure architecture and process alignment with regional/global guidance


· 5+ years of experiences building digital product and/or digital enabled new business model from ideation, to prototyping and launching

· Experienced in working effectively with software developer, UI/UX designer, and business strategist

· Can practice customer centric test & learn, scrum & agile approach

· Bachelor’s degree (business, computer science, engineering, biology, or equivalent) from top institutions or master degree

· Excellent writing and speaking in both English and Mandarin

· Fluent in emerging technologies (e.g. machine learning, Blockchain, drone, IoT, etc.) is a strong plus



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