Sales Specialist
职位编号: 32995425

发布日期: 2021-02-01

工作年限: 3-4年
招聘人数: 1人
工作地点: 贵港
公司: 拜耳作物科学(中国)有限公司 Bayer CropScience China Co., Ltd


  • To achieve annual consumption
  • 实现年度销售目标
  • To submit consumption forecast, accurately and timely. To report
    actual consumption, correctly and timely
  • 准确、及时地提交销售预测和报告实际销售额
  • To independently conduct promotional activities for end users,
    especially field demonstration, field tour and farmer meetings. To be
    presenters in person in the activities when necessary
  • 独立地向终端用户开展促销活动,特别是示范试验、农民会议
  • To independently conduct channel management on county retailer
    network. To conduct competitive channel strategy, including implementing
    specific projects, to improve retailer coverage and wallet share, and to
    reduce layer numbers
  • 对县级销售网络进行渠道管理。实施销售渠道竞争策略,包括实施具体项目,提高零售商覆盖率和市场份额
  • To map out market segments, including big growers’ information, and
    propose business opportunities. To independently develop newly identified
    target segments
  • 对市场进行细分,包括大农户信息和发现商机。独立发展新确定的市场细分目标
  • Following company’s strategy and approach, with support, to develop
    business and manage customer relation of big farmer and farms
  • 遵循公司的战略和方法指导,在支持下开展业务,管理大农户和农户之间的客户关系
  • To report complaint in time, conduct investigation on the complaint
    with related functions together, and cooperate with stakeholders and
    negotiate with complaining party on solution for general complaint
  • 及时报告投诉信息,与相关职能部门一起对投诉进行调查,并与利益相关方合作一起与投诉方进行谈判解决一般投诉
  • To manage and report individual T&E and P&I budgets and
    actual expenses.
  • 管理并报告个人预算与实际支出


  • Degree in agricultural sciences
    or business
  • 农业科学或商业相关专业
  • Communication,
    presentation, planning
  • 沟通技能,演说技能,规划技能
  • 4 years related working experience
  • 4年相关工作经验
  • Positive attitude, a willingness to deliver results,
    can travel frequently, supportive/collaborative
  • 积极的态度,愿意传递结果,可以经常出差,支持/合作


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