Data Scientist
职位编号: 91657425

发布日期: 2021-02-01

工作年限: 5-7年
招聘人数: 1人
工作地点: 北京
公司: 拜耳作物科学(中国)有限公司 Bayer CropScience China Co., Ltd

We are looking for an entrepreneurial data science lead with strategic mindset to join our APAC venture building platform. She/He will lead design, development and implementation of end to end modeling solution, and champion across the region to forge a high-impact data science community.


  • Identify digital venture needs and further translate into analytics and ML/AI solutions
  • Perform statistical analysis, computer programming, predictive modeling, and experimental design to solve end-to-end business problems
  • Develop sustainable, consumable, accurate, and impactful reporting on model inputs, model outputs, observed outputs, business impact, and key performance indicators
  • Present compelling, validated stories to all levels of organization, including peers, senior management, and internal customers to drive product development and business validation/growth
  • Lead research and development of data-driven insights to assess the results of new initiatives aimed to improve the design and adoption of digital venture
  • Facilitate development of data strategy and governance model, and to ensure the integrity, compliance, and overall performance of all data/analytics system related to digital ventures
  • Be the data champion/evangelist in organization to promote data science/AI based business innovation, operational enhancement, and strategic decision making
  • Manage external big data partners/vendors, build cross-functional relationships to collaboratively partner with internal business team, and to effectively network within the Bayer Data Science Community


  • Advanced degree in Biosystem/Bioinformatics, EE/Computer Science, Math/Statistics, or other related fields
  • Proficiency in Python, R or equivalent computing languages, and big data techniques such as Hadoop, Spark, etc.
  • 5+ years of experience in researching, developing and/or implementing machine learning/big data solutions
  • Excellent skills in communication, presentation, and stakeholder collaboration
  • Domain experience/knowledge in plant biology, agriculture, and/or food chain is a plus but not mandatory



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