Associate Director, Lead Statistician323121
职位编号: 26025523

发布日期: 2021-02-24

工作年限: 3-4年
招聘人数: 1人
工作地点: 北京
公司: 拜耳医药保健有限公司


? Takes the statistical lead for a project in the represented

 statistics sub-function, for example, in the role of a project


 ? Leads virtual teams of statisticians and/or representatives from

 other functions.

 ? Leads the development and evolution of project standards.

 ? Provides statistical and methodological consultation and contributes

 to multi-disciplinary and multi-company teams.

 ? Responds to inquiries from health authorities and other internal or

 external partners.

 ? Keeps abreast of regulatory and methodological issues and ensures

 communication of these in the respective teams.

 ? Influences decision making processes during early and late drug

 development and/or life-cycle management by use of appropriate

 statistical methodology (e.g. simulations, meta-analyses or modeling


 ? Develops and implements innovative statistical methodology for the

 respective field of responsibility, if appropriate in cooperation with

 academic experts.



PhD or MS in Biostatistics, Statistics or Mathematics

 ? At least four years of experience as statistician with significant

 time spent in the Pharma, Biotech, or similar sector

 ? Thorough knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry including

 understanding of clinical drug development process and associated

 documents and regulations.

 ? Experience in leading teams

 ? Experience in multiple fields relevant for his/her statistics


 ? Excellent interpersonal, leadership and communication skills and

 ability to work independently and collaboratively as required

 ? Good knowledge of statistical programming languages (including SAS)

 ? Fluency in English



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