Assistant to Site Manager
职位编号: 24220723

发布日期: 2021-04-13

工作年限: 2年
招聘人数: 1人
工作地点: 杭州
公司: 拜耳作物科学(中国)有限公司 Bayer CropScience China Co., Ltd

Major Task:

  1. Support
    Site Lead on overall site operations, including presentations preparation,
    phone/email communication, translation, meeting arrangement and other work
    from Site Lead.
  2. Support
    the internal communication between Site Lead and relevant
    departments/employees. Coordinate the follow up actions.
  3. Support
    the communication with local government and related platform in Qiantang
    New Area, contribute to the good image of the site and the company.
  4. Support
    the sustainability topic in site, especially for community engagement.
  5. Responsible
    for site service miscellaneous, like name card, courier , telephone,
    stationary, employee card management etc. To ensure no impact to site


  1. College-University
    graduated, 2-5 yeas experiences as a secretary, preferentially in
    production area.
  2. Fluent
    oral and written English, translation and interpretation skill from
    English to Chinese and vice versa.
  3. Good
    computer skill in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  4. Good
    organization/coordination/communication skills.
  5. Reliability,


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