Production Planning Specialist

发布日期: 2017-12-19

工作年限: 5-7年
招聘人数: 若干人
工作地点: 成都-双流区
公司: 拜耳(四川)动物保健有限公司
主要职责: 1.According to the demand analysis , organize the production line people to arrange the annual, quarter ,month and daily production plan
2. Accordingly to the actual orders from customer, define the products portfolio ,quantity, and priorities of production.
3.Arrange the validation plan accordingly after approval.
4.Issue the related documents, such as production order, to production line accordingly
5.Take responsibility to track the daily production orders, coordinate the materials delivery status to secure production without any interruption from supply chain side
6.Review production plan to make sure the rationality; Correct the production plan in time once there is problem
7.Support the demand analyst and attend the related planning meeting to collect information from PS inside

1:Bachelor or above
2:5 years above experience in production planning or in production line as supervisor or shift leader
3: Good knowledge related with operation management or supply chain management is a must;
4: Be familiar with production process and quality standard
5: Good coordination ability and logic thinking is a must
6: Good math knowledge, statistic data related profession is preferred
7: Team work
8: Result oriented


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